Hello World!

Dear all / To whom it may concern / Hello beautiful people!

“If you can’t beat them then join them…”

My dear friends, I have given in to the inevitable and I have decided to become the proud another of (yet another) fitness and food blog, with the occasional frequent cocktail thrown in for good measure. Hence DETOX (fitness, though I do have a bit of an issue with categorising fitness as “detox” but hey, it rhymes) and RETOX (eat eat booze booze).

My reasons for starting this blogging adventure are multifold, ranging from finding other blogs lacking in providing the information I really wanted, loving any excuse to eat and exercise, having a huge stash of instagrammable photos, needing another outlet for my creativity outside of the daily grind and some kind of self-fulfilment and desire to share with you all the amazing fun things you can do in London to enrich your daily routines.

So here’s the plan. Feng is going to do loads of fitness-y things and eat loads more food, try to snap it up in some pretty photos, write up some funny stories and maybe even give you some useful information? And show you all kind of cute cat pictures (non-kitty lovers beware). Cat picture right on cue:

Cats on exercise balls

I’ve got a long list of places to write about already, places I’ve either already been or will be going to very soon.

DETOX: Fierce Grace Yoga, Psycle, Castle Climbing, FRAME, NTC, BOOM Cycle, PureRide, 1Rebel, Barry’s, Arch Climbing, Vauxwall, Yogahaven, BLOK and many more!

RETOX: Ceviche, Salt Yard, Nightjar, Goodmans, Flat Iron, Pix, Dean St Townhouse, Nanban, Bao, Happiness Forgets, Artesian, Dabbous, Bubbledogs, Gaucho, The Ledbury, Wringer + Mangle and even more!

Watch this space! Extra points to the tech geeks / nerds who have clocked the title reference. PEACE OUT.


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