Pure Ride Review (Cycle)

Tuesday mornings only mean one thing: a Performance spin class with Richard Burton at Pure Ride Moorgate.


Richard Burton, making it look easy…

I’m slowly trying out all the spin studios in London and I have to say that my all time favourite so far is Pure Ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good session at Psycle or BOOM cycle but in terms of a maximum workout, Pure Ride wins hands down each time.


Spin the legs, spin spin spin, power power power!

The bikes at Pure Ride are all fitted with an output screen that shows your RPM, speed, wattage, splits and calories burnt. I’m a numbers junkie and I find that knowing my stats really motivate me to work hard. There’s no cheating with the resistance dial when the percentage is there on screen!  The extra motivation comes from a cheeky sideways glance at your neighbour, his/her resistance is high, so my resistance has to be higher! I try not to peek but I always do… bad Feng!


  • Detailed output screen with all your stats
  • Roomy studio with well spaced bikes
  • Spacious changing rooms with all the mod cons (organic products, GHDs, hair tyes, mirrors, the lot)
  • Lovely staff
  • Technical ride style
  • Effective working sets incorporating lots of pyramids


  • Music sometimes doesn’t quite fit with the working set tempos (in the Performance session)
  • No weights (in the Performance session) – this doesn’t bother me but it might bother others

My favourite instructor Rich always gives really helpful benchmarks during the class, guiding you as to your RPM, watt output and resistance. When he shouts out his numbers it always puts mine to shame! The other thing I really like about the class is the communal feel – the instructor is constantly pedalling with you so its feels like you are all in it together.

For a sneak peek of what a session involves, check out my video on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFThyjkM6Ff/?taken-by=detox_and_retox 

Have I convinced you to give it a go? For a limited time only, you can come with me for free! Hit me up if you’re interested – Tuesday mornings, 7:30am, only thing you need is the desire to beast it 🙂

I’m already looking forward to next Tuesday!



https://www.pureride.co.uk/ | #pure_ride | @pure_ride







Mmm fries…

I know I’ve been bad with posts lately, things have been picking up at work and I but I promise to get back on track this weekend! 

Get ready for reviews of Studio Lagree, Pure Ride, Classpass, 1Rebel Reshape and more! 

Hackney Half Marathon 2016

Today I ran the super duper totally awesome Vitality Hackney Half MarathonI’m so pleased I did, I didn’t commit to the race until last week but I can definitely say that it was an amazing race.


Hooray, another medal! #magpie

I’d signed up to this race back in late 2015, fuelled by the endorphins after my Royal Parks Half Marathon. I signed up with the best of intentions, planning on putting in loads of training and to smash my Royal Parks time.

Time passed, I got distracted by climbing, dinners, faffing around, the cold, spin, basically anything to avoid running. Long story short, until about 2 weeks ago, I’d done a grand total of 0km of running since October 2015. At the end of April, I did a tentative run to work (3km) and spent the whole piffling distance thinking my lungs would explode. No no to the Hackney half I decided. 

With much cajoling from friends (mostly from my climbing and running friend, Lenny), I decided, a week before the race, to run it at a slow pace. I knew that I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t give it a go. So I squeezed in one 10km run (which was just sub 1h, but I’d emptied the tank to do that) and one final relaxed 6km run before the race itself.


Obligatory kit shot

I turned up this morning to Hackney Downs, with a grand total of 19km of training since early October 2015 under my belt, not having even ran the race distance on a cumulative basis. I was definitely nervous but once I got to the start pens, I calmed down and was genuinely looking forward to it.


Walking up to the start zone, loving the blue skies!


Pre-run smiles all round

Conditions were hot (a blistering 27 degrees) but otherwise good. I was excited and proud to be running in my local borough of Hackney. It was a pleasure to run whilst being cheered on and supported by local residents, many of whom spraying runners with hose pipes to make sure we didn’t overheat. Kids and locals were on hand with additional water and jelly baby stations, all really touching.

I was aiming for a modest sub 2.15, given my lack of training. I am happy to say that I did it with change to spare, completing the course in 2.12.43. It was significantly slower than my Royal Parks time but I really enjoyed the race and thought I was better on my pacing. I also rediscovered how much I enjoy running!


Star shaped medals, yes, I LOVE STARS, woo, endorphin high woooo

I’m now sat in bed with my laptop in one hand and foam roller in the other, hatching grand plans for my next half marathon. I felt that I could have given today’s run a lot more welly so I’m super excited to put down some solid training and see what times I could push towards. Who knows, sub 2h, sub 1.55, maybe even faster? I’ll post my training plan in the next few days.

One final (hilarious) note – this is why you need suncream, boys and girls…


No filter, no makeup, it’s the Feng, the whole Feng and nothing but the Feng

If any of you are having doubts about running your first long race, be that a marathon, half marathon or a 10k, I can’t encourage you strongly enough. There’s no shame in walking some the of sections, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the fastest runner, it’s all about your own personal goals and the experiences you gain along the way. Peace out Hackney!


Rumble @ 1Rebel Review (Boxing)

Classpass is proving to be a great and wonderful thing. I’d always wanted to try out a 1REBEL class but was deterred by the high price tag. I got my chance with Classpass.


Entrance to the studios

I booked into a RUMBLE class with the brilliant Lisa, a boxing gold medallist. I was sure she wouldn’t be punching “like a girl”. Upon arrival, I was struck by the slick decor and the friendly reception team. 1Rebel has three studios, one with punch bags for Rumble, one with bikes for Ride and one with what looked like treadmills and weights for Reshape.


Rumble studio

I got my boxing gloves (£1 rental), wraps (£4 to buy) and entered the studio.  The music was pumping and the aggression levels were high (in a very good way). Lisa led us through a series of different punches and kicks, we were taught to jab, hook, uppercut, knee, roundhouse kick and side kick, all in quick succession. At the start of the session I thought it would have been nice to have a bit more time to get the hang of the technical side but actually it wasn’t an issue as Lisa was more than happy to go through them in more detail with me one-on-one at the end of the class.

We boxed for 4 minutes, then did cardio for 3 minutes, then more boxing, then more cardio, then MMA, then more cardio, then kicking, then cardio. You get the idea. And don’t think for a moment that the cardio was to recover between the boxing rounds. The cardio was a full on HIIT workout in itself containing everything from lunges, squats, burpies, press ups, planks and a combination of all of these (seemingly at the same time). The music really helped to keep me motivated and the colour of the lights cleverly changed between boxing and cardio, keeping me focussed. Bar Bikram, I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in a class, so good!



These are promotional images, I’m sure I looked just as good…

I think that having Lisa as my instructor really helped. It was quite amazing to see how strong she was and to see that punchbag fly across the middle of the room when she struck it.

Things I particularly liked: Lisa demonstrating the punch and kick combos in the middle of the room, the fact that she moved around so that we could all see, the music, the round of freestyle box/kick and the FIERCE PLANK ROUND. Oh yes, I do love a good plank very much.

Things I disliked: The fact that I can’t quit my job and do this all day.

Finally, the facilities at 1Rebel are some of the best. Heated seats, lots of locker space, mirrors, GHD hairdryers, plastic bags for gym gear and even a fridge of chilled towels. I can wholeheartedly say that the showers were the best showers I’ve ever experienced in a gym, flat, house, actually pretty much anywhere in the UK. I’m not wealthy enough to stay in the super-luxe hotels here in London so I can’t see this statement changing anytime soon.


Powerful showers


I definitely will be back for another Rumble class and can’t wait to try out the Ride and Reshape classes too!

www.1rebel.co.uk https://www.instagram.com/1rebeluk/ | @1rebeluk

Goodman (City Branch)

I can happily say that Goodman is one of my favourite steak restaurants in London. It’s usually reserved for the odd occasional indulgence – good steak comes with a (hefty) price tag. However, one Wednesday night Mike and I were at a loose end for dinner near Bank and didn’t fancy hiking it to Shoreditch or Soho. Faced with limited options, we had to go to Goodman.


650g chateaubriand of USDA Angus beef (150 day corn fed)

Goodman is not a great place to take your veggie friends (although the truffle chips and the creamed spinach is some of the best I’ve ever tasted). Mike and I looked at the menu but we both knew (or at least I did!) that we wanted the USDA Angus beef 150 day corn fed chateaubriand from the specials board. Negotiations commenced on (i) the size of the chateaubriand, (ii) how it was going to be cooked, and (iii) the sides.

On serving of bread later, we’d decided on 650g between two (quite light for us) priced at £84.50, rare, with truffle chips and creamed Gruyere spinach. I was happy to ditch my usual request for 5 sides because, unknown to Mike, I’d already pre-dinnered on curly friends at the nearby Flight Club. Mike had a beer (again I have no idea which one) and I had a very tasty glass of Australian GSM (Henschke, 2013 Henry Seven’s). Goodman’s wine list is impressive, extensive and expensive.

Steak arrived and it was delicious. Perfectly cooked, smooth and buttery, grilled texture on the outside but juicy and ripe in the middle. Sides were again a perfect complement, the chips were thoroughly infused with truffle and the creamed spinach was rich whilst retaining texture. Two very happy diners.



  • Mains x1 (650g chateaubriand)
  • Sides x2
  • Sauces x2
  • Drinks x2 (my glass of GSM was £15)

TOTAL: ~£130 (including service)

Service was good, food was great and we thought the price was reasonable. The only minor niggle (if I had to find one) was that the restaurant is usually busy and so can be a little bit noisy. If this is going to detract from your dining experience, you can try requesting one of the tables at the front of the restaurant near the bar although you won’t be able to see the kitchen action.

Goodman is definitely a treat destination rather than an everyday dinner choice but if you’re a steak lover, I would highly recommend it