Pure Ride Review (Cycle)

Tuesday mornings only mean one thing: a Performance spin class with Richard Burton at Pure Ride Moorgate.


Richard Burton, making it look easy…

I’m slowly trying out all the spin studios in London and I have to say that my all time favourite so far is Pure Ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good session at Psycle or BOOM cycle but in terms of a maximum workout, Pure Ride wins hands down each time.


Spin the legs, spin spin spin, power power power!

The bikes at Pure Ride are all fitted with an output screen that shows your RPM, speed, wattage, splits and calories burnt. I’m a numbers junkie and I find that knowing my stats really motivate me to work hard. There’s no cheating with the resistance dial when the percentage is there on screen!  The extra motivation comes from a cheeky sideways glance at your neighbour, his/her resistance is high, so my resistance has to be higher! I try not to peek but I always do… bad Feng!


  • Detailed output screen with all your stats
  • Roomy studio with well spaced bikes
  • Spacious changing rooms with all the mod cons (organic products, GHDs, hair tyes, mirrors, the lot)
  • Lovely staff
  • Technical ride style
  • Effective working sets incorporating lots of pyramids


  • Music sometimes doesn’t quite fit with the working set tempos (in the Performance session)
  • No weights (in the Performance session) – this doesn’t bother me but it might bother others

My favourite instructor Rich always gives really helpful benchmarks during the class, guiding you as to your RPM, watt output and resistance. When he shouts out his numbers it always puts mine to shame! The other thing I really like about the class is the communal feel – the instructor is constantly pedalling with you so its feels like you are all in it together.

For a sneak peek of what a session involves, check out my video on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFThyjkM6Ff/?taken-by=detox_and_retox 

Have I convinced you to give it a go? For a limited time only, you can come with me for free! Hit me up if you’re interested – Tuesday mornings, 7:30am, only thing you need is the desire to beast it 🙂

I’m already looking forward to next Tuesday!



https://www.pureride.co.uk/ | #pure_ride | @pure_ride






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