ETHOS Review (TRX / Conditioning)

ETHOS is another newcomer to the fitness scene. Based in East London, near Spitalfields Market, this beautiful fitness space offers three disciplines: a spin studio, a hot yoga studio and a TRX studio all in one. I went along to try out their TRX class.

My first thought was “how can you spend a whole class using those TRX strap things?” followed by “what is TRX anyway?”. Turns out, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise (I guess TBRE wasn’t as sexy). And a whole class using TRX can be done and is actually quite fun!

Hand in hand with my training buddy KK, off we trotted to investigate what all the fuss was about. We were lucky to be in a small class of 6 people so it felt quite intimate. We did various exercises, ranging from holds such as plank pose to more dynamic moves such as squat jumps, using our body weight to train and build muscle. Our instructor Russell was really good at varying up the exercises so that we felt constantly challenged and never bored. My favourite move was the plank to pike, absolute killer but so good for the abs!


I’m flying! Kind of… 

Ignore the terrible dipped lower back in the first picture, oh ye gods of healthy spines, I repent my sins…

I’m excited to try out the spin and the yoga classes next – anybody have rave reviews?