Upcoming Yoga Classes

Some of you have asked when I’m next teaching yoga (thanks!) so I’ve listed my classes below.

I’m also working on a new part of the website which will have all my classes on it which will hopefully make it easier to navigate.


Sunday 5 Feb

Saturday 11 Feb

Sunday 12 Feb

Sunday 19 Feb

Sunday 26 Feb

MARCH 2017

Sunday 5 Mar

Hope to see you on the mat!



I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came last Saturday to the TAPPED x FGB yoga class, you guys absolutely smashed it!


So much concentration in the room…



Breathing together ❤

Thank you to all my beginners for working your socks off and all my regulars for stepping up and guiding the class from the front row. Can’t wait to do it all again!


Happy student happy teacher. Which one is which this time?!

Hope everyone enjoyed the goody bag and party afterwards! A huge thanks to TAPPED, Fierce Grace Brixton and Urban Fruit for making it happen 🙂

Feng x

ETHOS Review (TRX / Conditioning)

ETHOS is another newcomer to the fitness scene. Based in East London, near Spitalfields Market, this beautiful fitness space offers three disciplines: a spin studio, a hot yoga studio and a TRX studio all in one. I went along to try out their TRX class.

My first thought was “how can you spend a whole class using those TRX strap things?” followed by “what is TRX anyway?”. Turns out, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise (I guess TBRE wasn’t as sexy). And a whole class using TRX can be done and is actually quite fun!

Hand in hand with my training buddy KK, off we trotted to investigate what all the fuss was about. We were lucky to be in a small class of 6 people so it felt quite intimate. We did various exercises, ranging from holds such as plank pose to more dynamic moves such as squat jumps, using our body weight to train and build muscle. Our instructor Russell was really good at varying up the exercises so that we felt constantly challenged and never bored. My favourite move was the plank to pike, absolute killer but so good for the abs!


I’m flying! Kind of… 

Ignore the terrible dipped lower back in the first picture, oh ye gods of healthy spines, I repent my sins…

I’m excited to try out the spin and the yoga classes next – anybody have rave reviews?

Studio Lagree Review (Pilates)

Studio Lagree markets itself as “studio concept workout that effectively combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility”. Does it live up to its big claims? I went and tested it (not just once but a few times, all for your benefit :P) to find out.

First things first: get ready for the most HARDCORE Pilates session of your life. Period.



Whilst I’m definitely not a Pilates expert, I had been to a few classes before so I thought I knew what to expect. Some stretching, some core exercises and some flexibility work right? With some nice breaks in between?

The key to the Lagree technique is NO BREAKS. The workout itself is 50 minutes and the idea is to link up a whole series of exercises one after the other so that different parts of your body are continuously under tension as the muscles are worked.The exercises are linked in groups, e.g. working your core, then left legs muscles, right leg muscles, then glutes, arms, shoulders etc. The exercises are all done excruciatingly slowly, forcing you to really use your muscles and concentrate on surviving the burn.

Of course, most people take a couple of small breaks here and there to relax in between (or in my case, during!) the exercises but the instructors offer friendly encouragement to maintain your form. Additional health warning: the exercises all have really weird names (giant catfish, dancing bear, scrambled eggs, french twist?!?!) which takes a bit of getting used to but thankfully there were enough regulars in my class for me to copy whenever I got lost.


This is OBVIOUSLY a French Twist…


The 50 minute workout will get your heart racing and sweat dripping off the end of your nose. You’ll also be feeling it for the next three days, in fact, I think this is most DOMS inducing workout in the whole of Classpass London, and that’s a big claim! DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU NEED TO EVEN RUN FOR THE BUS THE NEXT DAY. Doing any kind of weights training the day before Lagree is also a terrible idea. And all of these statements are exactly why I LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

Downsides? The price. If you’re not on Classpass, at £30 for a single class, it is not cheap. This hefty sum drops to a mere £21/ a class if you take out their biggest package. Uh-huh. To be fair to Lagree, you get a lot of individual attention as class numbers are limited to around 12 or 14 I think (it used to be 10 but they’ve snuck in a few more machines now) but it’s a big financial commitment.

Verdict: GO GO GO (on Classpass ideally) and make sure you stretch properly afterwards. 

http://studiolagreeuk.com/location/location-united-kingdom/ | #studiolagree | @studiolagreeuk

Fierce Grace Review (Yoga)

Fierce Grace is my favourite hot yoga studio in London. The City branch (based in Old Street) is my home studio and I’ve adopted the standalone Brixton branch as my second studio.

Fierce Grace is a bespoke hot yoga practice with roots in Bikram but modified to include a more expansive range of poses and range of different classes. All their classes take place in a heated studio, normally around 37 degrees with high humidity. They also offer a beginner class which is “warm” rather than hot, to ease the transition for those new to hot yoga.

I’ve been practising with Fierce Grace since 2014 and during that time it’s grown to be one of the most popular yoga studios around. They have some amazing experienced teachers and are committing to supporting and growing the new teacher that come through their teacher training programme. If you’re not sure which teacher to pick, I can personally recommend Emma Croft, Mark Oram, Nina Rashid, Sara Gordon, Lisa Hong.



In terms of classes, there are 6 different ones available:

  • Classic: most akin to Bikram, practised with no music, 90 minutes.
  • Fierce Grace: a modified version of the Classic class with music and more inversions, 90 minutes.
  • Core: a deep stretch class, less inversions and more floor work but with deeper stretches and poses which offer advanced flexibility variations, 75 minutes.
  • The Beast: an advanced class, based on the Fierce Grace class but with extra inversions, arm balances, deep stretches and advanced backbends, some really impressive stuff! 105 minutes.
  • Fix: a condensed version of the Fierce Grace class, designed to fit into 50 mins rather than 90 minutes.
  • Wild: a yoga cardio hybrid class that involves lots of transition in and out of postures to fire up the muscles. 60 mins.

I love all of the classes but my particular favourites are the Core class and the Fierce Grace class. The Beast is also fun to try on Saturdays when I’m free, as long as I haven’t had a heavy Friday night!



Admittedly all that comes at a price, and I’m the first to admit that it’s not cheap. A drop in is £17, with additional discounts for packs, monthly or yearly subscriptions. A 10 class card takes it down to around £12.50 each class (depending on which studio you are going for), a monthly subscription is around £100 and a yearly subscription just shy of £1,000. Students can benefit from concession prices which are around 20% off. Full details can be found here: http://www.fiercegracecity.com/buy.php

It is quite an expensive package and for some people it will be out of budget. The good news is that they do an excellent intro offer at £39 for 30 days of unlimited yoga, and even better, it’s on CLASSPASS!

I love the teachers and the studios so I think it is really worth it, particularly if you are paying through a bulk package rather than one-off drop ins, but try it out and let me know what you think. It’s a no brainer if you are on Classpass.

If you are new to Classpass and would like £20 off your first month, click here and here


Both the City studio and the Brixton studio have clean wood / plastic laminate floors, changing rooms and showers. Mats and towels can be rented for around £1 each.

The studios are equipped with hairdryers but not the full set of mod cons (a la 1Rebel). Shower gel is provided but you have to bring your own shampoo and conditioner.

If Fierce Grace revamped the changing rooms and added that “lux” spin, then I think it will take it a class above the rest of the yoga offerings in London and give it a USP. Watch this space…

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